How to season a baking steel

Season refers to an oil coat baked into the surface of metal. This protects the metal and helps to build a none stick surface.

Seasoning Steel

If it’s the first time seasoning your steel, hand wash in soapy water. Swiftly dry the metal using a cooling oven or dab dry with a towel and leave in a gently heated oven.

Once the steel has dried and cool, it’s time to add a thin layer of oil. Be sure not to add too much. Place a small amount of oil onto a paper towel and gently rub the oil into the steel surface. Ensure all parts are thinly coated. It’s generally good practice to repeat this process before every bake.

Repeated washing can disturb the oil coat. Again, it’s good practice to allow the oily coating to build up over time. This will ensure a solid none stick surface and protect the metal.

Important: Never put seasoned steel in a dishwasher. The chemicals will break down the oil barrier.