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June 9, 2020
Baking Steel

Baking / Pizza Steel

What is a baking steel?

A baking steel is a simply a sheet of steel for use in an oven or BBQ.

Place the steel in your oven for 30 minutes to let it heat up. The steel will absorb heat fast. Finally, it will radiate concentrated heat with even distribution.

Place on your pizza, bread dough, cookies, or baking tray and heat will transfer fast from below.

Unlike pizza stones, these robust steels won’t shatter. Additionally, they can be stored flat.

With careful seasoning, the steel will last indefinitely.

The advantages of using a baking steel are wide. Firstly, the steel is extremely strong, robust and long-lasting. Secondly, the steel includes no flaky surface coating which could degrade and fall off onto your bread dough or pizza. A simple coat of natural oil is all you really need to ensure the steel stays protected and avoids your dough sticking.

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