The Challenger Bread Pan

A Great Time to Bake Off
May 14, 2020
Challenger Bread Pan

The Challenger bread pan is a baking device made from cast iron. It’s an ideal tool for baking bread and sourdough. The concept was devised by Jim Challenger. The pan features a shallow base, to hold dough and a dome lid to trap steam.

The Challenger Pan Base

The base is shallow to make extracting cooked bread easy. It features a water channel, or resevoir, to hold ice and prompt more steam where needed.

The Challenger Pan Lid

The lid is rounded and shaped to accommodate most loaf types. Large oversized handles allow for chunky oven mitts. When inverted, the lid also doubles as a support for the base.

How is it used?

The pan is placed into a domestic oven for 45 minutes to heat up. The cast iron absorbs heat and will cook dough evenly by radiating heat from all sides of the pan.

Where is the pan made?

The Challenger Bread Pan is hand poured in US foundries. The pan also comes pre-seasoned by hand.

Jim Challenger

Jim Challenger is the founder and force behind the iconic bread pan. In 2016 he set out to hone the perfect loaf. His personal passion for bread baking is clearly evident through the Challenger Breadware brand and products.

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