Baking Steel / Pizza Steel

£46.66 exc. VAT

A solid and robust baking steel ideal for pizzas and flatbreads.

Place the steel in your home oven and the thermal steel will absorb and heat up fast. Unlike stone the baking steel will radiate an even and concentrated heat source. Additionally, it’s virtually indisctuctable.

  • Heats up in your oven fast.
  • Ideal for pizza or bread dough.
  • Measures 33CM X 38CM X 0.6CM.
  • Suitable for oven or BBQ.
  • Robust and Durable.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Easy flat storage.
  • Super efficient conduction.


Is the baking steel / pizza steel pre-seasoned?

The baking steel plate is not pre-seasoned. This allows you to season the steel using an oil of your choice.

Steel for pizza

If you’re in pursuit of the perfect pizza crust this baking steel is for you. The steel gives every pizza a charred and crispy crust to rival a hot Napoli brick or clay oven.


Hard-wearing steel

The steel is cut from heavy duty 6mm steel sheets. Unlike stone, the steel will easily withstand any hard knocks you can throw at it.

Convert a domestic oven

The steel sheet allows you to convert a domestic oven shelf. Bake directly onto your shelf as you like.

Heat Source

The steel will radiate heat up through dough in the same way as a traditional clay oven.


Pans and handles trap dirt, debris and frustrate your efforts to clean. This simple form allows you to scrape off any debris and the season protection should take care of the rest.